The SAFE Fast Charge Pro

In this era of rapid development, YKZ®, as the front runner in safe fast-charge technology, we firmly believe that even a small portable power bank, wall charger, car adapter or just a USB cable will make your life better and happier, if we put our passion for excellence and the very priority for user experience.

Who We Are?

As a leading innovator in mobile power and accessories for a decade, YKZ® sees a void in the industry for products that perform superior unified security across all speed-boosting charging. That's why each YKZ® product was born to provide the safest fast charging experience, ultimately empowering the digital lives of global users in the safest way.

Technological Achievement

Our Innovation in The Safest Fast-Charge Tech

6-Year R&D Qualification

Our Resolute Action to Guard Your Safety

15-Layer SmartProtect

Our Leading Designs Are Born

100+ IPs&Patents

Our Vision

Light up millions of ordinary families with more intelligent and convenient living

48 Million +

Satisfied Users Worldwide

Ultra-Fast Delivery from 8 Local Warehouses

(Arrival in Just 3-5 Business Days)

8 local overseas warehouses in Europe, Asia and America. A speedy, professional and hassle-free delivery service for every consumer